22 Sep 2022

Social RL Roundup: X-League Success in Oxfordshire & York

Social RL Roundup: X-League Success in Oxfordshire & York

Last weekend (September 17) saw the curtains come down on the X-League regular season, with successful events held in both Oxfordshire and Yorkshire

The final leg of the six-event X-League Grand Prix was played in great spirits in Witney, as Oldham Owls claimed the X-League Grand Prix trophy – a fantastic achievement for the newly formed side.

X-League Chair, Des Foy, said: "The Owls have embodied what X-League is all about, they have played all over their own locality making friendships and forming close ties with the Oldham and Warrington clubs and players.

“They are playing a good brand of Rugby and enjoying it every step of the way – it is fitting that they will be the first name on our Grand Prix shield!"

Up in York, Heworth played their very first competition as part of an X-League introductory event. A memorable day, organised by X-League Ambassador Paul Mcdermott with a visit from both Warrington Warriors and Titans. 

Reflecting on a successful day, McDermott said: "I think the overarching ethos and value of the X-League concept is playing attractive, intelligent and imaginative Rugby League – X-League is not about who is bigger or stronger, but who has the best Rugby League skills, and the competition at Heworth highlighted this." 

Mcdermott was also impressed with the level of camaraderie at the event, stating: "All the Heworth players cheered when they saw the skills both Warrington teams used with the ball in hand, throwing dummies, spins, fends – it was very refreshing to see such an appreciation between adversaries!"

Heworth also saw two fantastic performances from referees in Harry Foster and Jordan Powell in an area that X-League is looking to expand over the next few months.

X-League Competition Manager, Declan Foy, said: "We are delighted to see referees putting their hand up for X-League and the reports back from the York competition were very encouraging. 

“We have put a referee course together and will look to get as many match officials as possible on board between now and next season.

“We feel that the standardisation of the game is the focal point for us as an organisation, there is plenty of enthusiasm within X-League and we are aiming to provide a terrific, consistent playing experience."