BUCS Rules & Regulations

The BUCS University Rugby League competition is managed by BUCS on behalf of the RFL. 

For a full list of BUCS Competition rules and regulations and sports specific rules please click here.

Weekly Checklist

    Pick up e-mail from the RFL Competition Administrator with Match Official appointment - Contact and confirm match details with opposition and referee, no later than MONDAY.
    Courtesy call to your opposition and referee with final confirmation. (DO NOT MAKE THIS YOUR FIRST CALL).
    Worried about anything? Please contact your athletic union as soon as possible. Do not leave it until Wednesday morning, all fixture changes, postponements or cancellations must be done via BUCS.
    Download a team sheet (see below) and print off. Meet and greet your opposition and referee.
    Both teams complete the team sheet, hand it to referee for him to sign and return to the RFL Office within 48hrs of the fixture. Complete fixture. Home team pay referee.
    Inform the RFL of match result. Send match report, photo etc.
    Check the latest league tables.
    Begin process again! Check the news tab for match reports, stories and other community game news.

Please try to re-arrange postponed fixture as soon as possible after the original scheduled date.

If you leave a back log of postponed fixtures until the end of the season you will not have time to re-play them all and you may forfeit these games.

Your RFL Competition Administrator is Alan Smith

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